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Paddle Runaround Pond - Big Adventure - Durham

Runaround Pond is our family's local favorite place to paddle. Easy parking, easy boat launch, great picnic spot, pit toilet. We've seen turtles, birds, snakes, and beavers there. The pond branches all over the place, so you can explore as much or as little as you want. There are virtually no houses or signs of civilization around the pond, making for a quiet, peaceful paddle. We like to bring a picnic dinner and just float while we snack. From the put-in, paddle to the left and go under the bridge. You'll end up in a beautiful, deep ravine that feels like a different world.

Paddling and fishing are great, but you won't find me swimming there. Holy leeches.

Runaround Pond is also a great spot to skate in the winter. Local folks frequently clear and maintain a section of the pond for any-time skating, but if conditions are just right, the whole pond is fun to skate.

Tip: The parking area gets really crowded on weekends. Get there early. If you're dropping off a boat at the launch ramp, do it efficiently and move on out of the way.



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