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Consignment Policies: About

We Are Stocking Up for Summer!

Time to bring in your summer gear,

footwear, and technical apparel

Temporary Consignment Drop-Off Process

Until we are able to re-open for normal business we'll use a modified process that will keep us all safe and separated. 

If you have questions, please email us, do not call the store.

Drop Off Times:

Wednesdays 10:00am - noon

Thursdays noon - 2:00pm

*If these times don't work for you, email us to make other arrangements

  • Please only drop off items that are summer season, in excellent condition, current styles, clean, and scent-free. If there are items we decide not to take, you will be contacted.

  • Make sure you understand our consignment policies and, if you have questions, email us before dropping anything off

  • Place all items in a plastic bag with your name on the outside. Larger items do not need to be bagged.

  • Drop off at the store (only during drop-off times) by placing the bags on the rock bed in front of the window

  • Find the gray clipboard, complete the necessary paperwork, and place the paperwork inside your bag.

    • If you have consigned with us before, just fill out the Item Intake Form.

    • If you have not consigned with us, thoroughly read the Consignment Agreement, then complete both the agreement form and the Item Intake form.

  • The bags will be collected periodically during the drop-off time periods

  • All bags will remain sealed in the back room for at least four days before being processed

  • Within 10 days you will receive an email with additional info about your items and your account

Thank you for your support!

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