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COVID-19 Store Policies & Procedures

Starting June 3rd, 2020

In-Store Shopping

  • Max 5 people in the store at a time. Please note the capacity sign on the door and wait outside if necessary.

  • Masks are required (and appreciated) per the governor's order 

  • Everyone must sanitize hands at our sanitizing station before entering or touching items

  • Dressing room is open. Items not purchased will be quarantined before returning to the racks.

  • Our 3-day return policy still applies. Returned items (and items taken on consignment) will be quarantined before being returned to the racks.

Consignment Process

  • At drop-off, place all items in a plastic bag with your name and phone number on the outside. Larger items do not need to be bagged, but please label with name and number.

  • Plan to leave items for us to sort through later, although in some cases we can evaluate items on the spot. If there are items we decide not to take, you will be contacted.

  • Please only drop off items that are current season, in excellent condition, current styles, clean, and scent-free.

  • Make sure you understand our consignment policies 

  • At drop-off we'll go over the consignment agreement and you'll complete the necessary paperwork. To make the drop-off process even quicker, you can complete all the paperwork online here.

  • All bags will remain sealed in the back room for at least four days before being processed

Thank you for your support!