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Consignment Policies: About

We will continue to take in items for consignment during the shut-down. Please see our

COVID-19 Consignment Process for details.

Consignment Policies

When you consign with us, we develop a partnership in which we work together to provide quality gear at reasonable prices.

  • Preparing Items for Consignment

    • Review the list of brands and types of equipment we sell. If you have a large item and you aren't sure if we'll take it, please contact us before you bring it into the store. We display certain merchandise on a seasonal basis, generally:

      • Mid-February through mid-August – Spring and Summer Apparel, Paddling, Hiking, Road Biking, Mountain & Fat Tire Biking, Camping

      • September through January – Fall and Winter Apparel & Outerwear, Snowshoes, Cross-Country Skis, Mountain & Fat Tire Biking, Hiking

    • Condition of Items:

      • Must be in very good gently used condition (or better) and item must be ready to use as-is. Minor cosmetic flaws permitted (small dents or scratches, lightly worn materials).

      • Must be clean with no pet hair or stains; sleeping bags and clothing must be freshly laundered with unscented detergents. Batteries must be included where applicable. Vehicle racks must include all parts. If we determine we must perform any repairs or cleaning beyond light dusting, a fee will be charged per item. Fees are as follows: Basic cleaning fee $1 / Off-site cleaning fee $2 / Battery replacement $.50. 

      • Must be fully functional with working zippers, clips, straps, etc.

      • GearME has the right to refuse an item for any reason at any time, even if a flaw is discovered later

      • Read our policy on bikes before you bring one in

    • Prepare the following information: 

      • Brand, model, and production year if known

      • Description of item materials and features; the more details we have the easier it will be to sell.

      • Description of flaws

      • Original MSRP

  • Process In-Store

    • You may bring in your items any time, no appointment needed. Please try to arrive at the store at least one hour prior to closing.

    • Please allow for time to discuss your items with us and agree to a sale price for the things we accept

    • Plan to set up tents, operate backpacking stoves, and show that lighting and electronics are functional by providing batteries​. 

    • Consignment terms will be agreed upon at intake. If a significant flaw is discovered later, we may reduce the price immediately or remove the item from the floor. Items not chosen, or items removed from consignment must be picked up within 14 days. After 14 days, GearME will have discretion to keep the item as store-owned property or donate it.

    • Review and sign off on our Consignment Agreement

  • Pricing and Profit Sharing

    • We generally recommend items be priced at 50% of the most recent retail price, +/- depending on condition and available inventory. If we discover a previously undisclosed significant flaw after accepting the item, we may reduce the price immediately.

    • GearME puts items up for sale either in the store, through online services only, or both. We will decide the most appropriate selling avenue for each item. If we sell your item through a 3rd party website, the commission split is based on the net profit from the sale (sale price minus fees and shipping, if applicable). Your share of the profit will be entered into your account after the online transaction has been completed, delivered, and paid for.

    • Once your item sells you will receive a share of the profit as follows:

      • You receive 55% of the sale price if you chose to receive a check

      • You receive 65% of the sale price if you chose to turn the proceeds into store credit

    • GearME will not inform sellers when an item has sold; use the online system or call to check on your account status.

    • Checks are available in-store upon request, but sellers must wait for the 3-day return period to pass before picking up a check. Store credit is available at any time. We can mail checks for a $1 processing fee.

  • Timing

    • Initial consignment period is 4 months. At the end of the consignment period the consignor has 14 days in which to retrieve items. After 14 days, GearME will have discretion to keep the item as store-owned property or donate it. It is the seller's responsibility to keep track of the time frame and retrieve their item by the appropriate date. The seller will not be contacted at the end of the 4-month consignment period.

    • Items are discounted at least three times in the 4-month period, generally by 10% each time. Seasonal items may be discounted at the end of each season. Off-season items, if accepted, may not begin price reductions until the proper season.

    • GearME reserves the right to discount items during promotional sale periods, or place items on clearance.

    • We donate unsold, unclaimed items to the Freeport Community Services Thrift Shop and other local outdoor non-profits

    • Seller may remove items from consignment at any time​

  • Liability

    • In the event of damage to consigned items due to theft, fire, vandalism, or other adverse events, our liability is limited to the seller’s portion of the most recent list price of the item.

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