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Mountain Bikers

Bike Consignment Policies

Bikes, being more technical that most other equipment, will require a few more steps from you before you bring the bike in for consignment. Keep in mind that we only take bikes that have a $400 or higher MSRP ($150 for kids). 

Bikes we sell need to be 100% road ready when they come in the door. Each item on the following checklist must be completely and thoroughly checked. Please don't assume that just because you've been riding it, it's in great shape. If you are unsure how to check all of these items, please head to your local bike shop where they can give a proper tune-up.


* Bike includes all components and accessories in good shape and properly tightened

* Quick releases and nuts properly tightened

* Wheels are true and spin freely

* No damage to rims or spokes

* Tires properly inflated

* Minimal wear on treads, no damage or mud

* No cracks, dents, or bends in frame

* No rust, damage, or stiffness in the drive train components

* Gears must shift easily without skipping

* Brake pads must not have excessive wear

* Brakes must work easily with good stopping power

* Cables in good shape without breaks or fraying

* Stem must be tight and in line with the front wheel

* Headset must be tight

* Saddle must be tight and level


If you've got all that going for you, clean up the bike and bring it in!

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