COVID-19 Update: CURRENT CONSIGNORS, the shutdown caused us to make some changes to the consignment period for items received through the end of May. Please see below for new expiration and donation dates.

We use an online system where sellers can keep track of the items they have on consignment. After you complete your consignor paperwork you will receive a username and password. Click the link below to access our online store, then click the user login icon in the top right corner. 

Consignor Account Login

Changes to Currently Consigned Items

Many items consigned in the last few months were set to expire while we were closed for the COVID-19 shutdown. Other items expire in the next few weeks after re-opening and missed most of their selling period. We can't bump everything back 2+ months because we have to move on to fall/winter season by late summer. Please see the chart below for the expiration date adjustments, and note the dates that unclaimed items will be donated or will become store property. In all cases the donation date will be well past the original date you were given at drop-off.

Item In-Stock Date           New Expiration Date            Date of Donation

November, 2019                           6/15/20                                 7/1/20

December, 2019                           6/15/20                                 7/1/20

January, 2020                                7/1/20                                   7/15/20

February, 2020                              8/1/20                                   8/15/20

March, 2020                                  9/1/20                                   9/15/20

April, 2020                                     10/1/20                                 10/15/20

May, 2020                                      10/1/20                                 10/15/20

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at


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